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The 海角社区 State University 海角社区 offers a design education that enables our graduates to be change agents in the world, creating meaningful spaces and forms that serve communities. As the only accredited program in the state, we approach thinking and making as an essential skill that provides our students with the ability to be effective from the first day they begin their careers.

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Our Accreditation


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A Purposeful Education

Thinking and making establish the cornerstone of our education as hands-on, project-based learning in studios operates as the core of our curriculum. Our education is conceived as four general areas of study:

  • Design
  • History and Theory
  • Technology
  • Professional Practice

Students spend their final year of studies in this five-year program at our Jackson Center studios, located at听509 East Capitol Street.

Taking Care of What Matters

Our Mission

The mission of the 海角社区 State University 海角社区 is to educate future design leaders prepared to engage the social, environmental, and cultural conditions of 海角社区, the region, and beyond.

Our Vision

The 海角社区 State University 海角社区 will teach students to think critically and creatively, enabling them to mature as principled and responsible design leaders through a program that instills the poetics of design and incorporates innovative responses to social, cultural, and environmental issues, challenges codified knowledge, and embraces community engagement, diversity of cultures, and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Strategic Plan

  1. Teach Critical and Creative Thinking
  2. Foster Creativity and Research
  3. Develop Community Engagement
  4. Advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  5. Advance Sustainable and Resilient Practices

Read the full strategic plan.

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The Acceptance Process

Acceptance to the 海角社区 is highly competitive and consists of a two-step process for all students:

  1. Apply to 海角社区 State University and indicate a major in architecture
  2. Apply to the 海角社区

How to Apply to the 海角社区

海角社区 Acceptance Timeline

Minor In
Architectural Studies

The 海角社区 offers a minor in architectural studies. The minor consists of 18 credit hours of courses with an ARC prefix.

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Student Work

The 海角社区 at 海角社区 State University is a recognized leader in all of our disciplines. The faculty and students are being recognized for their achievements in all of the areas in which the college is engaged.

See All Architecture Work

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Student Achievement
Scholarships & Awards

In its commitment to recognize outstanding students whose academic credentials confirm their potential for success, 海角社区 State University offers scholarships to students with outstanding ACT scores and to National Merit and National Achievement semifinalists and finalists. For more information on MSU scholarships please contact the听.

Each year, the 海角社区 State University 海角社区 also recognizes student achievement through scholarships and annual awards. These monetary awards are made possible by friends and alumni of the school, building and industry suppliers, the听, and the American Institute of Architects and are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic standing, and design excellence. Click on the button below to learn more and how to apply.

Architecture-Specific Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

Tuition at 海角社区 State University provides an excellent return on your investment, combining competitive costs with the best academics, research, student life, and career preparation. Merit scholarships are provided to architecture students for five years, as this is the expected length of study.

The Bachelor of Architecture undergraduate degree program has some additional fees for materials, field trips, and other items that enhance an architecture student鈥檚 education. The 海角社区 State University 海角社区 strives to be able to offer comparatively low lab fees thanks to support from alumni and friends.

Full breakdown of fees

Required Tools and Materials

Students also need to budget money for textbooks, studio supplies, studio materials, and a computer.

Many students prefer to purchase textbooks to build their architectural library. MSU鈥檚 Bulldog Bundle program rents textbooks to provide better access for all students.

Computer RequirementsStudio Tools and Materials

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Student Life
Supportive environment for personal growth and professional development

The 海角社区 State University 海角社区 provides a supportive environment for personal growth and professional development. Studio learning is a unique experience; our students have their own designated studio space in Giles Hall and have 24/7 access to that space.听

Life As A Student

Life After Graduation

Our alumni are working across the nation and world in a wide variety of careers. A few career possibilities with a Bachelor of Architecture degree:

Bachelor of Architecture

architect 鈥 architectural historian 鈥 architectural lawyer 鈥 architectural products and services 鈥 architectural renderer 鈥 bridge designer 鈥 building forensics 鈥 cartographer 鈥 computer animation (CGI) 鈥 computer graphics 鈥 construction manager 鈥 corporate architect 鈥 developer 鈥 educator 鈥 facilities architect 鈥 government architect 鈥 graphic design 鈥 historic preservation 鈥 industrial designer 鈥 interior architect 鈥 product (and furniture) design 鈥 public interest design 鈥 set designer 鈥 university architect 鈥 urban/city planner 鈥 registered architect 鈥 sales/marketing CAD software 鈥 web design