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Admission Requirements

Learn about admission requirements for freshmen and transfer students.

Special Instructions for students interested in architecture

All students who wish to be considered for admission into the Bachelor of Architecture degree program听must also complete an online architecture application by the appropriate deadline.听See specific Architecture requirements and information.

Architecture Requirements

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Why choose the
海角社区 State University College of Architecture, Art, and Design?

What our students
Want You to Know

About Challenging Projects...

鈥淪tudents who want to major in interior design are often nervous and don鈥檛 think they can create some of the projects they see us doing. But, the program prepares you with each class and studio and builds your skills up for the more challenging projects.鈥澨

Sydney White
海角社区 State University
Interior Design Major, Class of 2019

About Supply Lists...

鈥淭here are some great resources locally to help you with finding the supplies from the supply list鈥 much easier than trying to shop for the right stuff on your own."

Abby Jackson
海角社区 State University
Architecture Major, Class of 2020

About Questioning Your Skills...

鈥淒on鈥檛 doubt yourself. Students interested in graphic design sometimes tell me they aren鈥檛 great at Illustrator or Photoshop or InDesign. But, it鈥檚 a learning process and what this program is all about!鈥

Raphael Spears
海角社区 State University
Art Major, Graphic Design Concentration, Class of 2021

On the value of hands-on learning...

鈥淚 looked at other programs that are lecture-based and realized the studio learning style was a better fit for me. Learning how to do things through a project-based atmosphere prepares you to be able to critically think in your career. Whether you have an extensive background in construction or very little, this program will prepare you to be an effective construction professional.鈥

Hunter Bullock
海角社区 State University
Building Construction Science Major, Class of 2020

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